Elegant Wedding Invitations For Less

Most people think that you need to pay a lot for an elegant wedding invitation. These invites show nothing but the best in design and material. They have timeless and classic designs that are sophisticated and stylish. Usually, special stationary shops that offer customized wedding invites and greeting cards would charge 5 dollars or more on these elegant invites. If you don’t mind spending the extra money, you can go with these shops. But if you want to save and get your beautiful elegant wedding invites, there are other ways. The best way to save money when buying or ordering anything these days is to go internet shopping.

Type in “”elegant wedding invitation”” on the tab of a search engine like Google or Yahoo and it will give you a list of sites that offer designs and templates for printable elegant wedding invitation. These sites are like the catalogs you get at special stationary shops that show all the designs and templates of cards and invitations that you can customize. The sites commonly have a category for elegant designs so you can start picking out designs there. Don’t limit yourself to this category though. You might find a design that you like in another category. There are hundreds of designs to choose form and since you can personalize and edit the designs, change them any way you want.

Since you want an elegant wedding invitation, stick with designs that are simple because you will be editing it later. Look for designs with clean lines and swirls or minimalistic patterns. Choose a classic color combination like dark brown and mocha, cream and ivory, even black and white. As for the message, make it formal. Use a font that is cursive and make it bold. You can also check if the site offers metallic engraving. You can request that they engrave the initials of you and your future husband on the cards. Check on the site’s paper selection and choose the material you want to use on the envelope and the invitations.

Aside from getting affordable elegant wedding invitation online, you can also get them at a shorter time compared to the usual 3 weeks you have to wait when ordering at the specialty shops. It usually takes them 1 to 2 weeks to print out the customized elegant wedding invitation that you ordered. is a site that offers a wide array of elegant and beautiful designs for wedding invitations which they can print for an affordable price.

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